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                                 Wild Dog – Immersive Installation and Exhibition

Artistically directed by Narungga/Kaurna artist Jacob Boehme, Wild Dog is an immersive installation and exhibition exploring the importance of one of Australia’s most misunderstood but significant cultural symbols – the dingo.

Wild Dog features film animation, puppetry, dance, song and interactive installations created by artists and communities across five Nations: Narungga (SA), Kaurna (SA), Lardil (QLD) Kaiadilt (QLD), and Bunun (Taiwan).

Rainbow Dreamz.jpg
Rainbow dreamz..jpg

 Rainbow  Dreamz

Mali Isabel's debut solo exhibition, Rainbow Dreamz, opened at the Tandanya National Aboriginal Cultural Institute on Friday 15 April 2022.  The Rainbow Dreamz exhibition was an explosion of colour and creativity featuring 130 newly created, original artworks. The exhibition took over Tandanya's four main gallery spaces and was on display from the 15th of April until the 18th of June 2022. 

"Rainbow Dreamz was a deeply personal and vulnerable exploration of overcoming, self-discovery, and finding a state of inner peace. The artworks created for the exhibition were like a series of journals on canvas, documenting a journey of transforming trauma and negativity into one of acceptance, self-love, and understanding. Drawing inspiration from the experiences I have had, the places I have been, and the people I have met, taking pieces of everything and everyone around me to create stories and artworks that spark thoughts of hope and equity for all. Through a spectrum of colour, emotions, thoughts, and moments, each canvas is unique and individual in its own way, whilst they work together harmoniously to create a beautiful anthology of rainbow dreams."


- Mali Isabel


      Sagas by Reilly o'Loughlin
8 October 2021- 20 March 2022

Reilly O’Loughlin is an emerging South Australian artist who has been painting seriously for almost six years. He has completed one solo exhibition and in 2021 entered his first Archibald Prize. Typically working in acrylic and pencil, Reilly attempts to harness a measure of hyperrealism in each of his paintings and visually replicate the form and lighting details of his subject as accurately as possible. This exhibition is Reilly’s first major foray into oil paints.

The Icelandic Sagas are a body of stories written during the Middle Ages, a medieval account of the genealogical histories and conflicts of the first several generations of Icelandic settlement. This exhibition is an attempt to visually frame these ancient stories, told by another people on the other side of the world. Each painting represents one
of the sites of a different Saga and hopefully captures a snapshot of its gargantuan majesty.

 Two Worlds Exhibition

‘Two Worlds’ featuring photographs by Lavene Ngatokorua. Lavene is a Wangkangurru/Adnyamathanha activist and artist and has honed her technical and storytelling ability through the photographic medium producing striking, evocative images which speak of connection to country and personal histories.


In March 2022, TANDANYA re-presented the ‘Atnwengerrp’ (pronounced A-NOONG-a-pa) as a virtual online Exhibition Our Apmere, Our Place’ which Monkeystack were commissioned to originally produce in 2019. Virtual Atnwengerrp presents works by four generations of artists from the small community of Atnwengerrp, 270kms North-East of Alice Springs within the region of Utopia.


The collection of monochromatic artworks is inspired by Country and showcases the entire community of approximately 100 people. It features work from artists such as 97-year-old Emily Pwerle, who featured in that opening exhibition at TANDANYA, and her sisters. The siblings began developing expressions of their Dreamings, passed down from generation to generation, through painting, when a painting workshop was organised for them by their niece, artist Barbara Weir, whose work also features in the show.

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