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TWO WAYS /  A Dualistc System

Born ten years apart in the same city


Inkatja & Dave Laslett


This photographic series stems from two different worlds and perceptions of place. Through a process of collaboration and coexistence, artists Inkatja (wangkangurru/adnyamathanha) and Dave Laslett (anglo-Australian/Spanish) explore their relationship to the Far North Flinders Rangers region of South Australia and, ultimately, to each other.


Photographic within a backyard of shared history and multiple language groups TWO WAYS encompasses a ‘walking alongside’ ethos as the artists step into each other’s version of place.


The journey of creating this body of work has brought new connections and knowledge systems to light, with dualities of family, community and country explored in an exhibition that is as much about sameness as it is about difference.


Born Port Augusta Hospital 1968


Growing up in Umeewarra Mission Inkatja was always surrounded by arts and crafts and introduced to materials, ideals and concepts.


The sand provided a free, renewable canvas telling our stories through lines, colours and shapes.


High school provided encouragement and exposed her mind to new ideas while the validation of a grading system inspired her and allowed a space to be lost within the art.


Anniversary, Inkatja, 1160mm x 740mm 2/3, Davenport Community

Dave Laslett 

Born Port Augusta Hospital 1978


Dave Laslett began his photographic journey in late 2012.  This process of discovery began in a rented back shed that had been converted into a family room.  Daily he would probe the limits within the camera.  At the time this was a donated Nikon d70.  Fervent investigations saw him exhaust camera after camera, small then large lighting systems, modifiers, grids, gels, practically anything that wasn’t nailed down.


The Pioneer, Dave Laslett, 1280mm x 850mm 2/3 Warrens Gorge, Quorn

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