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Performing Arts

Tandanya is not just an art gallery space and hosts a variety of First Nations major events, programs and productions regularly throughout each year. Performing arts is live music, dance, theatre, spoken word, experimental, puppetry, stand-up comedy, and circus, generally on stage, in a theatre, concert or even on the street (Busker) but it can also be film.

We are proud to be a performing arts venue for the local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities within South Australia and beyond, acting as a rehearsal and performance space for cultural and contemporary arts practices. We provide opportunities for residencies and partnerships.

Tandanya supports companies, cultural groups and individuals by providing a culturally safe space where people can connect, ground and share their cultural knowledge and practice. 

With an established network of performance artists, we act as an agency for our local connections and maintain respectful working relationships, whilst honoring the First People of the land, the arts leaders who changed the course of history.

If you have a production, performance or an event you’d like to present at Tandanya please contact (08) 8224 3200 and email

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