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A Free Reconciliation Week Event



BLACK SCREEN is a FREE celebration of Indigenous film and culture during National Reconciliation Week (May 27 2019 -  June 3 2019).


Black Screen connects culture, stories and language with community through the screen to celebrate Indigenous film and culture. This year Black Screen has been programmed by Aboriginal filmmaker Isaac Coen Lindsay.


The films he has selected have Aboriginal stories representing different communities. Some are small, yet poignant like Butterfish Mob by Clem Newchurch, some are a little grander, such as Freedom by Thibul Nettle.


Isaac said, “I’ve selected films from filmmakers at different stages of their careers to show how diverse we are, yet also how connected we find ourselves when we look more deeply at our stories.”


The program is presented in South Australia by Country Arts SA and the ‘Give up Smokes for Good’ campaign from Drug and Alcohol Services of South Australia (DASSA), with support from the National Film and Sound Archive and the South Australia Film Corporation.


Tandanya Theatre - Black Screen - Dates & Times

May 29th - 1:00pm (Schools)

June 1st - 12:00pm (Public)

Program List & Times

We’re All Deadly!

A film by Seaford Rise Primary School (Rated G)


With the theme “Pride in our cultural identity”, this film was made by the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island students at Seaford Rise Primary School. It is a result of collaboration between all of the ATSI students from Reception to Year 6, who not only wrote the song but were also the creative force behind the ideas in the film clip. 


Running time: 4:00 mins


Walking with Us

A film by Dylan Coleman (Rated G)


Walking With Us explores a collection of connected stories about the importance of cultural protocol as told by Elders from Indigenous groups in South Australia. They share teachings of the past and propose ways forward by coming together to reinvigorate cultural protocol, particularly in relation to land. ‘The land gives us everything,’ says one Elder.


Running time: 6:40 mins


Butterfish Mob

A film by Clem Newchurch (Rated G)


A short documentary which follows Narungga man Clem Newchurch, and his cousin, butter fishing at Point Pearce. We learn some history, re-connect with family and find out who gets the biggest catch!  Discover the tradition of butter fishing, which has been an important part of the Narungga way of life in this charming film.


Running time: 14:10 mins


More than Footy

A film by Isaac Cohen Lindsay (Rated G)


A big idea in a small town.  More than footy is the story about an annual Indigenous reconciliation match and the hope that Colby coach Sam Mitchell has to make this an official Indigenous round for the Riverland Football League.. 


Running time: 9:16 mins


Umeewarra Mission

A film by Edoardo Crismani (Rated G)


Umeewarra Mission was once home to many Aboriginal people from different nations. Although now a shell and run down, the Umeewarra family want to preserve the only home they have known.  However, the government wants to demolish it.. 


Running time: 5:00 mins


 15 Minute Intermission

Many Hands

A collaborative film project – Illuminart (Rated G)


With Many Hands We Stand Strong.  This beautifully mesmerising short animated film was a collaborative production involving both emerging and established Indigenous artists in the South Australian Mid North, and Southern Flinders Ranges.


Running time: 3:52 mins


It Hurts

A film by Jamie Collins (Rated PG)


Heartfelt, raw and sometimes funny, join seven women as they share their personal journey about what it’s like being Indigenous and living in their skin. They recount their experiences, hopes for the future and believe education is the key to ignorance. This reflective piece will leave you with goose bumps and wanting to know more about two ways of living.


Running time: 24:00 mins


Just Be Yourself

A film by Edoardo Crismani (Rated M)


An Aboriginal woman goes to a job interview wondering if she should say she is Aboriginal or not. The past has laid scars of racism in her mind that now flare up in the worst way and somehow she has to face down the fear and stand strong.


Running time: 3:00 mins



A film by Thibul Nettle (Rated M)


After taking the wrap for his brother’s crime, and six years in jail, Rick is now facing financial hardship.  Unable to find work, he is lured by his brother into a successful, low risk method of bank robbing. Rick is unaware however, that his older brother stole this method from another career criminal, who is now demanding full compensation.  The brothers are drawn into a high-stakes conflict for their freedom, family, the money, and redemption.


Running time: 5:36 mins



A film by Isaac Cohen Lindsay (Rated MA)


Every day Grace wakes up after dreaming about the past.  Refusing to connect with her community, Grace has had a lifetime of regrets and bad habits.  A knock on the door gives her an unexpected opportunity to seek solace and atonement for the mistakes of the past – but only if she’s prepared to forgive and be forgiven.


Running time: 9:16 mins


Wai this is Us

A film by Arts Ceduna (Rated G)


Personal stories and identities expressed in art (paintings, murals, ceramics, installations, audio, video, photo) was at the centre of this project which saw Master artists David Wilson (new media) and Tristan Kerr (Typography, visual arts) work with Indigenous artists from Ceduna and the Far West.


Running time: 10:00 mins

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