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Community Arts

The Community Engagement program is designed to develop and expand programs for young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) people to reconnect and/or strengthen ties with community and culture through the arts.


The Community Engagement Program offers a range of artistic strategies, tailored to develop artistic and cultural programs for young people that fit with organisations, stakeholders, companies and groups. Also offered are opportunities to develop and or strengthen existing partnerships with organisations that work closely with young people such as those “at risk” and mentorship arrangements. Tandanya assists in identifying the needs within Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island community to connect young people back to culture in new and exciting ways.


This may include intergenerational projects, liaison with Elders within the community to assist in building and developing unique programs with an artistic outcome that have a positive effect on the entire community and influence young people to look at positive pathways through arts and culture.


This program also coordinates and delivers commissioned Community Arts programs involving both the ATSI and general community with an aim to promote, educate and engage through artistic practices.

Community Engagement Officer

Mark Turner



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