Keringke Ceramics

Keringke Arts is located at Ltyentye Apurte (Santa Teresa), a small community of about five hundred people, 80km south-east of Alice Springs. The Eastern Arrernte name for the community translates as ‘stand of beefwood trees’. The surrounding country is rich in rock art, artefacts and ceremonial sites.

Keringke Arts began with a nine-week fabric painting course in 1987. In 1988 the women held an exhibition at the Australian Bicentennial Craft Show, the first time an Aboriginal group had done so. By 1989 Federal Government funding allowed for the building of an art centre. It was named after the Dreaming Place of Kathleen Wallace, one of the early artists. Keringke is Eastern Arrernte for ‘kangaroo tracks’. It is Kangaroo Dreaming. The art centre quickly became an influential model for other art projects in the region.

While the stories and imagery of this vast country influence the works produced by the Keringke artists, their works are not usually representing any one story. Instead, age old motifs, landscape forms and patterns of movement lay the groundwork for brightly-coloured, fluid / dynamic images informed by personal expressions of self within the modern world. “…it was as though they had finally found an avenue for expression which filled a void in their lives, and they revelled in the opportunity,” cites Cait Wait, the women’s first coordinator.

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