Being Tiwi


Being Tiwi
18 November 2016 – 21 January 2017

Being Tiwi celebrates the vitality and innovative practice of seven contemporary artists living and working on the Tiwi Islands. The exhibition presents work by artists from across generations and from all three major art centres on Bathurst and Melville Islands.

Their expressive and experimental work continues to realise in different forms the Tiwi traditions of life and culture.

Featured artists:

Timothy Cook

Raelene Kerinauia

Maria Josette Orsto

Eddie Puruntatameri

Nina Puruntatameri

Cornelia Tipuamantumirri

Giovanni Tipungwuti

Bede Tungutalum

Pedro Wonaeamirri

Image: Timothy Cook, Kulama, 2015, Ochre on linen

Being Tiwi

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